A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett

I’m a big fan of the 1995 version of A Little Princess movie and the 1985 Japanese anime series Princess Sara. It was pretty odd for me to find the movies and the anime series to be a lot more fascinating than its novel which is written by Frances Hodgson Burnett (an English playwright and an author). I usually prefer the book contents over its TV or movie adaptations just that this one lacks to embellish a certain formula that can encapsulate the curiosity of this reader.

A Little Princess, though simple yet ambitious constitute morals, artistic approach and imaginative tale. It has a light storyline with a graceful conclusion that actually will leave your heart appeased upon closing the book. I find the little girl Sara Crewe who is the main protagonist of the story a bit mischievous and cleverly lovable at the same time. No, I don’t want her to appear as a sort of bad little girl or something, just that somehow I feel that she’s no ordinary sweet kid; that one way or another, she’ll turn out to be as wicked as Miss Minchin (the main antagonist in the novel) someday. Who knows; this is solely my personal judgment though. That’s merely how I imagine her character would be, if she wasn’t saved by her uncle in the end. Even so, A Little Princess is a breath of fresh air; one that truly signifies a pleasantly different feeling from one phase to another.

“Perhaps to be able to learn things quickly isn’t everything. To be kind is worth a great deal to other people…Lots of clever people have done harm and have been wicked.”

Sara’s Tale…
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Carmilla by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

The novel narrates a gothic tale of the incomparably-beautiful young lady named Carmilla who was later found out to be part of the family who long ago exists as vampires. She emerged as Millarca and Carmilla which both was an anagram of her real name, the vampire Countess Mircalla Karnstein.

Twelve years earlier, a young girl named Laura who lives with her father (a well-off widower) in an isolated yet scenic schloss, somewhere in the middle of a wide-ranging forest in Styria saw an image of a lovely lady in her bedroom that quickly disappeared when she yelled for help. She assumed that she was bitten on her chest but no wounds or marks that could make them consider her words. Her attendants searched here and there to look for the person she’s been talking about but of no avail, so from then on they kept watch on her whenever she goes to bed, in order to keep her mind at eased.

Years passed, her father welcomed the daughter of a stranger into their castle after which they’ve witnessed a carriage accident outside the schloss bearing a beautiful young lady who was believed to be sick that time. Her strange mother made an arrangement to Laura’s father and took off to continue their journey.

The young lady’s name is Carmilla; Laura became fond of her instantaneously as she grew up yearning for a friend who is near her age. She’s supposed to meet the niece of General Spielsdorf (her father’s friend) prior to meeting Carmilla but due to an unknown cause which was later revealed in the story, she died before she met her.

The girls became best of friends as days goes by, though Carmilla often changes her mood, Laura is ever patient with her. Carmilla remained tactful whenever she’s asked about her family background; in fact she refuses to make a conversation concerning it no matter how Laura tried to question her. Carmilla though mysterious for keeping her background in ambiguity, for being the exact image of Mircalla (the Countess Karnstein whom is believed to be dead for more than a century ago), for sleeping during daytime and for being nocturnal does not seem to inculcate any doubts to the inhabitants of the schloss, at least not until on the latter part of the story.
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Dracula by Bram Stoker

Jonathan Harker, an English Solicitor went to the Castle of Count Dracula in Transylvania as a substitute of his employer, Peter Hawkins to deal with the count’s real estate transaction in England. He at the beginning was beguiled by the count’s cordial manner, but as he continued to stay at Dracula’s Castle, he noticed some strange things about the count, aside from the weird atmosphere of the place. He was free to roam around the castle, except to go to those rooms which were intentionally locked. He discovered through his little mirror for shaving that the count had no reflection at all and he got too curious as to why the count disappeared or could not be found during daylight. He also noticed that there is no servant in the castle, especially when he saw the count fixing his bed. As he goes deeper to get to the bottom of the peculiarity of the situation, he found out that he was a prisoner in Count Dracula’s Castle.

Count Dracula as he was described in the book

During this period, Jonathan consistently record everything that he discovered and saw on his personal journal using shorthand, so as to prevent the Count from knowing what he already know. By this time, fear is overwhelming him yet he remained composed in front of the count, just not to give him any idea that Jonathan is very suspicious of him and much worst fear for his life in the count’s hands. Jonathan was allowed to write letters for his fiancée and for his employer, Mr. Hawkins, only that Dracula will be the one to deliver those letters. What is written were words of comfort that he is well and will come home soon, though he knew that it’s exactly the opposite of his condition.

He later met Dracula’s three brides (whom were not really mentioned in the novel as his bride but were known by many as the “Brides of Dracula”) who nearly killed him when he was lurking in one of the restricted room of the castle. He was saved by the count since he needed Jonathan for a while with a purpose of knowing how will he able to plague England particularly London as he long planned to do so.

Soon after, he discovered Dracula’s true lair within the castle as he was searching for a way to get out of there alive.

“There, in one of the great boxes, of which there were fifty in all, on a pile of newly dug earth, lay the Count! He was either dead or asleep. I could not say which, for eyes were open and stony, but without the glassiness of death, and the cheeks had the warmth of life through all their pallor. The lips were as red as ever. But there was no sign of movement, no pulse, no beating of the heart.”

–         Written on Jonathan Harker’s Journal

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë

Emily Brontë’s first and only novel is probably not like the typical book I’ve read so far when referred  to the emotions I’ve felt while being taken to the profundity of the story from the time it commenced to its finale.  Wuthering Heights, thus gave me a whole huddle of sentiments; it was like my emotions were having a rollercoaster ride all throughout the entire chapters of the book. Don’t get me wrong but the book is very much interesting and a page turner. The impact brought me to some sleepless nights and nightmares for days. This classic masterpiece is an absolute treasure to the countless book lovers out there.

If the author’s agenda was to make her reader feel irritated towards her imaginary characters, she sure had won over me that much. There were times when I sympathize with them but in a very honest opinion, the infuriation is burning within me most of the time. The main male protagonist or rather antagonist in the story which is Heathcliff gave me emotional and mental torture at the same time. He was likable in the beginning but his character became darker and hateful in every flip of the pages. His passionate character has develop into a despicable being and for me what had transpired in his past should never be an excuse of his evil deeds in the present because he was partly to blame for his present so-called infernal life… there are many ‘what ifs’ in my thoughts as well but will just remain as that. Heathcliff’s character is pitiful but his vengeful heart makes him a detestable hero of the story.

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Death Note|Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases

For the many Death Note manga, anime, and movie followers like me, Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases novel is definitely a surefire hit in all aspects. The suspense, thrill, and L’s wit and charm we all love are still there to give us one heck of a fantastic entertainment that we crave for when we decide to pick a copy of this book. This spinoff is just way perfect, I must say.

I do admit that I truly missed Yagami Light’s presence while reading this book, but the setting of the story occurred sometime before Kira’s controversial public existence. L Lawliet’s character though is hard to miss out since as describe in the book, his character traits and personalities is just the same old L that us fans adore in him.

Story wise, Death Note – Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases is kinda like one of those detective stories we happen to bump into; in books, movies or even on manga, so I was not really sold out with the whole plot that is. But the fact that it has L in the story; I had a reason to open up the pages and start to solve the Los Angeles BB Murder Cases with him and Naomi Misora. Honestly, while reading this, I was also thinking about the Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown, it’s nothing similar but the riddles and deciphering part are almost as genius and witty, that sort of thing.

Death Note fans, let’s face it, we missed L Lawliet a whole lot and I for one never did really like how the anime and manga ended or the nature of his death. But I’m truly glad to read something about his past and how was he before he met Kira. I did learned so much from this book; I love how they’ve mentioned Akazukin Chacha during their private investigation and the Wara Ningyo (Japanese counterpart of a voodoo doll) which played an important object in the novel as well (I always thought that Wara Ningyo are cute and stuff since Rosario Vampire… tehehe…). For non Death Note fans, I don’t think it’s best for you to check this book out, I’m not really sure if you’ll going to like it. I don’t want to go partial and say, “Hey, check this book, it’s awesome!” For me it’s absolutely-positively awesome because I like L, the notorious detective known internationally.

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Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel

Kaleidoscope was the first ever Danielle Steel novel I’ve ever come across with, it was introduced to me by my college best friend named Nizan, way back in the late 90s, which is more than a decade after it was released in paperback in 1987. Then it was followed by Zoya and Message from Nam. Since then, I became addicted to Danielle Steel’s romantic fictional stories.

As years went by, Kaleidoscope has become too vague to remember so I tried to rekindle the memory that I have left behind by opening my e-book copy of the book for the third time, I bought a soft bound copy a year before I graduated in college along with two other Danielle Steel books but didn’t kept them for myself, I gave them to someone as a gift who also love Danielle Steel’s novels back then. I don’t know if it is just me but whenever I liked a book, I’d make it a point to read it again and again just like watching my most loved movies or TV series.

Kaleidoscope is not the typical boy-girl romantic story; in fact it didn’t focus around any lover’s relationship. It’s not about a damsel in distress and a knight in shining armor’s tale. It’s about three sisters who were separated forcefully by an unwanted tribulations and misfortune. This novel reflects human pain, sufferings and shortcomings as each character’s life disembark in an inadvertent cataclysm. The story is not dragging, yet at some point I felt that the author didn’t give too much elaboration on each phase wherein I think there could be more there is to it. Danielle Steel on the other hand is good on playing at her reader’s emotion. My feelings actually glided towards the characters’ sentiments. Additionally, I am certain that many Danielle Steel readers find Kaleidoscope as one of Danielle Steel’s best.

A quick glance on a kaleidoscope world…

Sam Walker and Arthur Patterson had become best of friends when both serve as G.I.s during the World War II. When Paris was liberated they both met a young and lovely French woman named Solange. Both were mesmerized by her beauty but it was Sam Walker who was able to win her.

When the war had ended, both soldiers went back in the United States and tried to live a normal-regular life. Arthur runs his own law firm and Sam work as an actor. After a few months, Sam asked Solange to follow him in America and they got married.

Arthur married a self-centered and ambitious woman who dislikes Sam and Solange so much. She never wanted a child which makes Arthur envious on Sam. Solange turns out to be a very loving wife and a mother of three beautiful children, Hilary, Alexandra and Megan.

As years went by, Sam had become a huge and one of the most in demand actor of his time. He spent less and less time with his family, he had rather spend some good times with other women, mostly with his co-stars. This became the turning point of Solange, Arthur on the other hand is ready to take his best friend’s role and comfort Solange during her most emotional times. Solange is devotedly in love with Sam and the news here and there concerning his affair with other women is too much for her to bear. Continue reading ‘Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel’


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

In my own perspective The Wonderful Wizard of Oz represents some individuals who think that they are least significant because of how they appear to most norms and how they lack the ability to compete in the game of life due to some deficiency that which I reckon all of us was born with. This is a moving story that hopefully will allow you to uncover your inner strength and appreciate that you are no less than anyone else so long as you believe in yourself and what you can do to make things considerably better. Hence, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Lion, the Tin Woodman and Toto will keep you captivated in between pages; believed me, been there, done that.

Though the book had been adapted to many live action adaptations in movies and in TV series, never did I really paid attention to the whole story, I only knew that the Lion was cowardly, and then they were searching for Oz of which I always thought as one great and mighty Wizard. The movie version actually makes me bored even though the infamous Judy Garland was on it, then the cartoon series were aired either quite early or quite late in our country, there are just those days that I can finally watch it but I wasn’t keen to spend half an hour in front of the television.

Due to the continuous power outage here in our city recently, I decided to pick another book last week to keep me busy during the hours where I am offline. I plumped for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz since I ought to know how this book became a classic favorite. Thus by unraveling the tale bit by bit, it came to me that this novel suited for a timeless piece of literature.

Dorothy in the Land of Oz

A young girl named Dorothy lived with her Aunt Em and Uncle Henry who is a farmer in the midst of the great prairies in Kansas. She has a little dog of which she called Toto whom she adores so much. They had such a small house that they just dug a small hole in the ground to make a cyclone cellar.

One stormy day, a great cyclone carried Dorothy’s house up in the air with Dorothy and Toto inside, they we’re carried miles and miles away until the house was put down in a field where the Munchkins lived in the Land of Oz. Accidentally, the house had fallen on the Wicked Witch of the East and killed her. The Good Witch of the North was summoned by the Munchkins and together they greeted Dorothy, thanked her for freeing them from the hands of the Wicked Witch of the East and gave her the silver shoes that the wicked witch had been wearing when she was killed.

Dorothy who was anxious to get back to Kansas, thinking that her auntie and uncle must be worried of her whereabouts, asked The Good Witch of the North and the Munchkins for some help. Apparently, they doesn’t exactly know the location of Kansas hence they told Dorothy to go to the City of Emeralds and meet the Great Wizard of Oz for his powers alone could be able to send Dorothy back to her country.

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Romeo and Juliet – William Shakespeare

"Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face, And find delight writ there with beauty's pen. Examine every married lineament, And see how one another lends content, And what obscured in this fair volume lies Find written in the margin of his eyes. This precious book of love, this unbound lover, To beautify him, only lacks a cover. The fish lives in the sea, and 'tis much pride For fair without the fair within to hide. That book in many's eyes doth share the glory That in golden clasps locks in the story. So shall you share all that he doth possess, By having him making yourself no less."

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